Leased Housing Program

Leased Housing (Section 8) Program

The Leased Housing Program (Program) is the nation’s largest rental assistance program, helping low-income families, the elderly and the disabled to rent decent, safe and sanitary housing units in the private housing market.

The West Warwick Housing Authority currently administers 214 vouchers.

The Program offers a number of benefits to participating families, as well as communities as a whole, including:

Reducing homelessness
Increasing housing stability
Reducing poverty
Helping low-wage workers make ends meet
Giving families access to safer neighborhoods with better schools and opportunities
Allowing senior citizens and disabled individuals to live independently
Who receives assistance?

The West Warwick Housing Authority provides rental assistance to individuals and families, as well as senior citizens and people with a disability who qualify for the program.

How does a Leased Housing Program work?

The Program was designed to expand housing choices for low-income families by allowing them to seek rental housing in the private market. Once a low-income family is invited to participate in the Program, the WWHA issues that family a housing voucher. The voucher identifies the size of unit the family qualifies for, as well as the maximum amount of monthly rent the family can afford to pay. Using the voucher information as a guideline, the voucher holder then searches for an affordable rental unit that best matches their family’s housing needs.

What is the relationship between Program Participants, Property Owners and the WWHA?

The Program is best viewed as a triangular partnerships: it being between the WWHA and Program Participants, another partnership between the WWHA and Property Owners, and a third partnership between the Property Owner and their Program/Tenant family.

Interested in becoming a Leased Housing Landlord?

Becoming a WWHA Landlord is easier than you could imagine.

Simply contact our Leased Housing Department at 401-822-9430 ext. 8, to receive a landlord packet and schedule a Landlord Orientation.